Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

Project Update


Project Update

Today lc0 has been rolled out to the main server. The getting started page has been updated.

The main server is going to change over to using lc0 for all training games soon. If you would like to prepare for this in advance you can download the v16 client and lc0 releases. Note that while you can start them now, they will fail every 30 seconds until the server changes to be lc0 friendly. Once the server changes to be lc0 friendly, lczero will no longer work for training.


Right now the main net is being trained. In a week, training will turn to a 20b network (stay tuned). You have a choice between running opencl and cuda (which requires nvidia down loads.)

Third Party Downloads

You can find out which libraries to download and install here.

Which Version is For You?

“cudnn is for recent nvidia gpus, opencl for older nvidia and all amd gpus, blas is for cpu. With opencl also the blas backend is available, enabled with –backend=blas and may be faster.”

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