Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

Deus X Kerfuffle Settled Peacefully


Peaceful Agreement Reached

Yesterday, after a bit of a brouhaha on discord about the Deus X entry in TCEC, cooler heads have prevailed. TCEC issued a set of three statements by Albert Silver, the author of the Deus X NN, the Leela Chess authors, and the TCEC tournament director.

I thought the statement by the Leela Chess authors was particularly gracious.

The team is looking forward to exciting games in the upcoming Top Chess Engine Championship, and is very glad that both neural network based on “zero” principle and “non-zero” principle will participate this season. It’s going to be really interesting to observe their differences in style and strength. We hope to see even more neural network based engines in the next seasons of TCEC. It is now time for the highest level chess competition to begin and for the audience to enjoy the best chess in the world.

Yes, lets get to enjoying.

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