Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

Extensive Update From TCEC


Extensive Update on Chessdom

The organizers have finally unleashed a detailed update about S13, which starts Friday, August 3rd. The headlines:

For the first time ever the TCEC competition is going to see two NN engines competing. This will be Leela Chess Zero and DeusX.

DeusX is relatively newer Neural Network and will have its first public appearance this season of TCEC. The author thinks that the engine plays decent level of chess to climb from the lower divisions, but he hopes for an update between divisions. He believes that, “The coming version of DeusX will be ready for Premier division, the top three and more.” Information on DeusX and interview with the author will be available on Chessdom.com in the coming days before the start of the season.

Sounds intriguing. So much for my theory that it would be called ‘Kanye X.’ Also we have confirmation as to the hardware for the contest:

The traditional chess engines will once again run on a 44 cores computer. The NN engines will be provided with 2x GTX 1080 Ti GPU hardware. According to experts in the TCEC chat, this is approximately 35% of the power that Google supplied to Alpha Zero.

Should be a fun season.

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