Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

Plans for TCEC S13


Who We’re Playing

What does the field look like? From our own @jjosh (who spends way more time in TCEC chat than seems healthy):

Leela chess zero, a mystery NN, Wasp, Senpai, and Tucano are currently confirmed for div 4 of S13.

They will probably add a few more engines into this division before the August 1 start date, so stay tuned.

What We’re Sending

This event marks the debut of the 20 block networks (256x20) from the test pipeline. It’ll be searching more slowly but with a lot more smarts. We’ve submitted 10161, which shows the best value head. If another network from the test pipeline can beat it in a slow time control setting, we’ll send that one.

What’s at Stake

If we can place in the top two spots in division 4, will be able to advance to division 3. Fingers crossed.

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