Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

WCCC Update, Day 4


(Our TCECfan on the right, I believe.)

Update, Day 4

Live Games

Round 7, Black vs Jonny

Some tactical blindness cropped up today. Leela dropped a queen to discovered attack. It happens. Although Leela had some mate threats even material down, Jonny was able to make progress and the team decided to resign.

Hopefully the 20b network will allow better communication between different parts of the board and these kinds of blunders will be a thing of the past.


The summary of the tournament can be found here. Leela finished seventh out of a field of eight.

To recap: Leela’s lack of opening book combined with some fairly strong engines running on very beefy hardware led to some difficult games. Due to a family emergency, we also lost access to 8xV100 hardware. Thanks to @TheAnswer for jumping in with his 2x1080ti rig, and @TCECfan for jumping in as operator on site. In any other tournament, a dual 1080ti rig would be pretty formidable, but not in this one.

Better luck next year. I expect there will be several NN+MCTS engines trying their luck.

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