Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

WCCC Update, Day 3

Update, Day 3

Live Games

Round 5, Black vs Shredder

The devs tinkered with a tiny opening book, so we got 1. e4 c5. Leela sans opening book proceeded to blunder into a sharp line in the Najdorf Opocensky variation after 11. f5! Shredder ran out of gas on it’s kingside attack and Leela rallied. Play was sharp for a while until it ended quietly in a TB draw. Imagine what Leela could have done with an equal or better position. Right now she is no match for theory.

Round 6, White vs The Baron

We had our hopes up for this one. Leela and TheBaron got into a closed sicilian that looked like something from the 1840’s. Leela proceeded to get her hooks into TheBaron, and after a break with e5, was trying to queen pawns. But it wasn’t quite enough. Draw.

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