Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

WCCC Update, Day 2

WCCC Update, Day 2

Live Games

Operator Change

Cyril had to go home because of a family issue. The operator is now TCECfan and the hardware is a the same 2x1080ti system made available by TheAnswer for TCEC bonus coverage.

Game 3

Black against Gridginko. Again, no opening book, and it had its consequences. Chris Whittington said it best:

Game 3 was a positional train wreck. Backwards moves Ne8, Bf8, Ra8. Then allowing a QR battery on its own back rank, with pin threats and mate threats.

Game 4

White against Chiron. Another English with Leela’s peculiar Be3 in front of the e2 pawn. Leela as white likes to trade off pieces early in the opening. Draw.

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