Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

More Info on 2018 WCCC


Live Games

if you want pgn’s, the links are of the form http://www.icga.org/live/round-2/games.pgn

More on the WCCC

First off a warm thank you to our Cyril Guyot (@Cyril on discord) who paid the late entry fee and convinced his employer, Western Digital, Research, to provide a monster machine with 8xV100’s to run leela. Cyril will be operating leela during the tournament. Hopefully some other community members will be there so he can take a bathroom break.


WCCC still has a human operator make moves on a board. Its all very punchcard and mainframe and has one expecting to play against Belle and Cray Blitz. Hopefully the remote connection and special ascii interface won’t lead to any snafus.


Today was testing. The tournament will run on Monday, July 16 through Thursday, July 19, or maybe it will all take place on Saturday — there are several conflicting schedules. The turnament is being held in Stockholm, Sweden.

The live games can be viewed here.

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