Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

Announcement on TCEC S13


It is likely there won’t be a GPU available in TCEC S13. The team has put up a TCEC page in the Wiki that outlines plans and options. Quoting from the text:

We suggest the following settings for TCEC Season 13:

In the likely case that no GPU is available, the MKL-enabled lczero v0.10 release binary previously used in S12 will be suitable for use in S13.

These settings will at any time be suitable for use in bonus matches or league matches. Although they are generally suitable, we reserve the right to tweak the individual parameters up until such time as S13 actually begins, so we respectfully request that TCEC periodically check this particular page for updated settings.

For a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) publicity and active maintenance, we will choose some net from the recent main pipeline (46x/47x and above). In theory, any such net will be suitable, but we will keep updated a particular choice that appears to be locally better than its neighbors.

What May or May Not Happen

Leela may or may not compete in TCEC S13, which may or may not start July 11th, which may or may not have a GPU available. More as we may or may not find out more.

Note: without a GPU and a 192x15 net, the leela ratio will be about 0.01.

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