Leela Chess and Non Zero Chess and neural networks

An Intriguing Win Against SF9

Passed Pawns are Its Downfall

King Crusher has several new vids up. I particularly like this one, where ID395 sacs a piece for a long term advatage in the endgame.

Apparently the dev version of SF recognizes this as a mistake, but we’re getting close when the precursor to SF10 is a refuge.

It’s worth noting that this was a longer time control, and that Leela won with the black pieces. Also, the game was suggested by Ron Langeveld, the 26th World Correspondence Chess Champion. His view on Leela?

Personally, the current rise of LC0 as a different type of engine is motivating and stimulating for correspondence chess, since it clearly shows the chess game has more layers and secrets than a top AB-engine can uncover.

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